Why I quit my dream job…to travel

After two years working at the biggest tech company in the world—and over 10 years hustling in the retail industry—I decided it was time for me to say ‘See You Later’ to my former dream job as Senior Designer on Apple’s Retail Marketing team and ‘Hey Girl!’ to a new adventure away from corporate-life: a 3-month sojourn in Asia.

Living abroad has been a longtime dream of mine, but I’ve struggled with how to actualize it. There’s so much to account for: my partner, my apartment, my dog Kenzo and most importantly, my livelihood. I’ve lived in San Francisco for the last 11 years and in Northern California all my life. As much as I wanted to pick up and move, I’ve established a strong foundation here and thought why leave this behind when I can just travel instead?

So I put my dreams on hold and focused my efforts into progressing in my career. I knew if I were to ever go abroad more permanently, I’d need the work experience, connections, and savings to make that happen. Post-undergrad, I landed a Jr. Designer position at the Gap and hustled my way up over a 6-year stint before becoming Art Director of Banana Republic. It was a triumph. When I was eventually scouted for a role with Apple retail, I jumped at the opportunity. If there was any company in the world I wanted to design for, it was Apple. So after 2.5 months of interviewing, I finally moved on from fashion retail for the biggest tech company in the world. It was definitely a new high point in my career that I never dreamed could happen.

Two years working for Apple was immensely rewarding. I made new lifelong friends, worked on pretty cool global campaigns, really honed in on my design skills, and was afforded a lot more opportunity to travel.

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