Hey, I’m Alex

I’m a Digital Designer and Art Director from San Francisco with a love for capturing experiences through travel.

After spending years as an in-house designer/art director for brands like Gap, Banana Republic, and Apple, I wanted to explore a new creative outlet for my growing curiosities and personal interests. Out Of Office came about from my love for photography and the desire to share stories & experiences from travels outside of my professional life.

Along with visual highlights from my trips, I’ll also be sharing travel tips I’ve picked up along the way (like how I plan and budget to maximize my time off) and a growing list of to-do’s (both high and low) that I’ve personally tried & tested to help you with planning your own travels OOO.

We all know traveling takes time and money, but what you can gain from it is invaluable. No matter how far away you go or how short your stay is, traveling can be a very rewarding experience—especially when you’ve worked your butt off to get there. I love being able to come away from my own experiences with newfound creative inspiration, cultural knowledge, and a fresh perspective with memories to look back on.

I hope that what I share helps each of you find ways to gain rewarding experiences through travel, too.

❤ Alex