Hey, I’m Alex

I’m an Interactive Designer and Art Director from San Francisco with a love for capturing experiences through travel.

After spending years as an in-house designer/art director for brands like Gap, Banana Republic, and Apple, I wanted to explore a new creative outlet for my growing curiosities and personal interests. Out Of Office came about from my love for photography and the desire to share stories & experiences from travels outside of my professional life.

Along with visual highlights from my trips, I’ll also be sharing travel tips I’ve picked up along the way (like how I plan and budget to maximize my time off) and a growing list of to-do’s (both high and low) that I’ve personally tried & tested to help you with planning your own travels OOO.

We all know traveling takes time and money, but what you can gain from it is invaluable. Traveling can be a very rewarding experience—especially when you’ve worked your butt off to get there. I love being able to come away from my own experiences with newfound inspiration, cultural appreciation, and countless memories to look back on.

I hope that what I share helps each of you find ways to gain rewarding experiences through travel, too.

❤ Alex