I quit my dream job…to travel

Two months ago, I resigned from what was once my dream job: designing for Apple.

But after 12 years in the retail industry and over 10 years in San Francisco, I was ready for a change. It’s been a longtime dream of mine to experience living overseas and I felt it was an opportune time to take an extended break from corporate-life in pursuit of a (temporary) life abroad. The choices I make now have become much less about climbing my way up the corporate ladder and more about finding fulfillment in my personal journey. And recently, where I’ve felt most fulfilled is through traveling. So after manifesting the idea for years, I get to embark on an exciting new adventure starting June 8: a 3-month sojourn in Asia.


How I’ve come to love travel and what traveling means to me

Growing up, my family rarely traveled. While other kids spent their breaks from school taking trips to places like Disneyland, I spent mine beside my older sister wherever she went while my parents were busy working. My parents, both migrants from the Philippines, lived the typical immigrant story of working day and night to provide a more comfortable life for our family. Traveling was not a priority, but more of a luxury. So traveling as a kid meant something special, knowing my parents’ free time was often limited. Early on, this instilled the idea that hard work came before any leisure and that any leisure afforded is a reward for working hard.


Exploring the Lorem Prefecture of Japan

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